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Wristwatches that are as accurate as atomic clocks are not new, but these usually rely on radio or GPS signals to ensure accurate timekeeping. However, the Bathys Cesium 133 is unique in that it is an actual atomic clock on the wrist. The watch is still a prototype right now but Bathys says it will refine the watch and put it into production in 2014. Source: aBlogtoWatch

Having also lived in Mexico as a child, I experienced the celebration of the Day of the Dead - a very different approach to what I was used to back in Europe, and one of my most vivid memories. When I saw the Mary Queen of Scots watch, it reminded me of those celebrations and the combination of these two worlds really inspired me.

Think of it this way - do you really like seeing a balance wheel at work, spinning back and forth and keeping your watch running?  If so, take that, and put the motion of the tourbillon into a second (additional) axis point, and you've quite literally gone to a 3D display.  While I realize that tourbillons have questionable practical use within a wristwatch, there's no denying their aesthetic appeal (nor the skill required to build them).

Ulysse Nardin Marine Chronograph Manufacture Watch Hands-On Hands-On

Antoine Martin Slow Runner 1 Hertz Watch Hands-On

Antoine Martin Slow Runner 1 Hertz Watch Hands-On

The 1969 Heavy Metal collection of watches by Romain Jerome present not only a fresh case design, but also timepieces with silicon dials. Actually, the four models for 2014 include three versions with silicon dials, and one with a meteorite dial. Of course, when looking at the piece at a glance they all have the distinctive look of meteorite dials, but actually only the silver-colored dial is meteorite.

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How The Most Popular Watches Can Be Recognized By Just Their Hands Feature Articles How The Most Popular Watches Can Be Recognized By Just Their Hands Feature Articles

There are two primary versions for the new Bathyscaphe Chronograph Flyback. A brushed black ceramic-cased model (shown here) with black dial and with either a high-quality NATO fabric strap or sail canvas strap. Second, a brushed steel case with gray dial and the same strap options, though, as a first for this model, the option of a steel bracelet is also possible. No final words on pricing and exact availability, however, we'll be sure to add more pics and details when provided.

Sinn 144 St S Jubilee Anniversary Limited Edition Watch Hands-On

Sinn 144 St S Jubilee Anniversary Limited Edition Watch Hands-On

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At 44mm wide and tall (at just over 16mm thick), the Royal Oak Concept is a large case. One complaint people have about white ceramic is that it can look like plastic. I don't really think that is the case here. Most of the case is in finely cut titanium, while white ceramic is used for the bezel, crown, pusher, and "hourglass-shaped' element on the dial. It is so finely architected and crisp that it really doesn't look like plastic, but rather a much harder and more rigid material--which it is. As you can see, the very long lug structure has the watch look large on most small or medium wrists. It is comfortable, but if you prefer your watch not to look like it is coming off your wrist then it would be best to test wearing this first.

True, the Citizen Altichron collection does not have as many features as other multi-sensor watches, such as Casio's famed Pro Trek collection, but the idea here is more about design and making it entirely analog. Citizen knows that when you add too many features to an analog dial things get horrendously confusing very quickly, so it wanted to keep things (relatively) simple, yet visually intriguing on the Altichron Cirrus.

Christopher Ward credits the master watchmaker Mr. Johannes Jahnke at Synergies Horlogeres for the development of this exciting new base movement. That's right, like most new in-house made mechanical movements we see popping up these days from luxury Swiss watch brands, the SH21 was designed as a workhorse base movement that future modules will be placed on top of. For its debut, Christopher Ward has designed the three-hand with date C9 Harrison 5-Day Automatic watch. In the future, additional variations of the SH21 will be produced and include a range of dial layout variations and complications, ranging from a GMT hand to a chronograph.

In any event, I think Mr. Graff realized he went a tad over the top with the outrageous value of the Graff Diamonds Hallucination, especially to the layperson who may scrutinize every aspect of the timepiece. Thus, to quell the cries of indigent disbelief from the masses, he cushioned the blow with the title of the timepiece - the Hallucination.

Red8USA Fifty & Dive Watches Hands-On

Red8USA Fifty & Dive Watches Hands-On

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Patek Philippe 5990/1A (5990) Nautilus Steel Watch Hands-On Hands-On Patek Philippe 5990/1A (5990) Nautilus Steel Watch Hands-On Hands-On

As stated, to our knowledge this is Christie's first foray into an online auction of watches and we're glad they're taking the step. We further see the move as an overall positive sign when it comes to the confidence (even in today's economy) brands have that the online auction space is an area to invest in. While venues such as eBay have been widely criticized for not offering a safe or "luxury" experience, Christie's (who has just a little bit of experience in the matter) feel that they can do better.

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Ah, Glashütte Original. When I had my first exposure to the brand, I reviewed a fairly simple model, the three-hander (with Panorama date display) Seventies. With that watch, I particularly enjoyed the styling, as well as the understated elegance that came from the layout. So that left me curious–would the same appreciation hold over when the number of complications increased?

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Grand Seiko is offering the new Hi-Beat 36,000 GMT in three references, the black dial SBGJ003, the white dial SBGJ001 and the limited edition SBGJ005 which sports a lovely green dial with a yellow GMT hand.

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It used to be the fact that looking at the outside of a supercar was wonderful, but once you sat inside you more or less felt like sitting in a race car with some wrapped leather. Over the last decade or so, more ultra-wealthy people started to buy supercars as lifestyle versus performance items and they began to improve the look and feel on the interior. The Aventador and Huracan look fantastic on the inside, with parts, of course, coming from cousins such as Audi–specially made with a Lamborghini look and feel. The dashboard is mostly (or totally) digital with a video game aesthetic that adds to the experience. There isn't the pure ergonomics of a Japanese car, but neither is it a terribly frustrating experience that Italian UI has been known for in the past. Aesthetically, the Aventador looks gorgeous on the inside, and the Volkswagen Group team has ensured that it is fully outfitted with all the bells & whistles you'd need mixed with the passion-fueled Italian design you want to look at.

For me, when you present the idea of a revolutionary fighting to free their country, luxury anything seems to be at odds both with where the revolution comes from, as well as the philosophies guiding the process. Perhaps if you go the route of tying the complexities of the men and their ideas with the complexity of the watch, it works? But it still feels "off" to me. Then again, I'm not attuned to the precise histories of the men being honored, so perhaps the historians in the crowd can chime in and guide my lacking historical view.

The days of rough riding in a Lamborghini are long gone. The Aventador is a two-faced machine that you could easily drive on your daily commute. In the right mode, the car is as smooth on the road as the most cushy of German luxury sedans, but when you want to push the revs you get an amazingly satisfying experience that launches you forward with a feeling of excitement but also safety. Never did I punch the gas and down-shift using the steering wheel paddles to pass a car in front of me and think "I am going to die or lose control if I don't really pay attention." The Aventador has a multitude of stability and control systems at work to keep the driving experience fun, but none that seems to take away from having a connected experience that makes the driver feel at one with the roaring engine sitting just a few inches behind their head.

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What I think you'll find the most interesting is that some of these business are almost entirely focused on buying watches versus selling them. They even go so far as to change the design of their website to emphasize "buying, trading, or consigning" your watch. Areas where you can purchase their inventory of watches are either hard to find or almost entirely missing. One of the reasons I researched this story is to find out why.

Later in the day, the ORIS plane visited the area where the ORIS invitees were located and where we had a rock star reception for the team. One thing that is evident immediately is that the plane is tinier in person or that you'd expect from the noise it makes or from its appearance in the air from the viewing areas. Besides the main instruments and steering gears in the cockpit, there is just enough space for the pilot to sit and fly the plane. This limited space and maneuverability accentuate the fact that a pilot's wristwatch is still critical for timing purposes during flight and as a backup instrument should something go awry with the main ones.

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