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One note on comfort: I found that the square-cut crown bit my wrist a bit, and have confirmed with Beat that you have but to ask them when ordering, and they'll round it off for you. The straps are also available in three different lengths.

Complimenting the time and calendar functions is Urwerk's "oil change indicator" and running time indicator. The oil change indicator basically tells you when to send your UR-1001 back to Urwerk for (an expensive) service each 5 years. The running indicator basically measures how long the UR-1001 movement has been operating. Urwerk designed it to go up to 1000 years. Yup. I really admire how much they stand behind their build quality!

In addition to the Archimede SportTaucher M, Archimede still offers the SportTaucher A which offers a different bezel and white dial option. Prices for the watch start at 5 on the shark skin strap and ,065 for the watch on the metal bracelet and can be purchased online via Archimede's website.

Edox Class-1 Chronoffshore Limited Edition Watch

Edox Class-1 Chronoffshore Limited Edition Watch

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Inside the DA44 is a Damasko regulated Swiss ETA 2836 automatic movement. Pictures I saw of it in the watch reveal that it is quite nicely decorated. The watch has the day/date indicators on the dial, and thankfully Damasko uses black discs for those indicators. Attached to the case is a form-fitted leather strap with red stitching or a rubber strap. Really a nice little collection of watches from Damasko and a steal at ,490 in steel and ,590 in black-coated steel. You can get them online from Gnomon Watches here.

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The Omega tourbillon watch released in 1994 (the Omega calibre 1170) was interesting for at least two reasons. First, it is a central tourbillon. This means that the tourbillon carriage is placed in the center of the dial. Second, the Central Tourbillon is an automatic. If I had to add a third special quality it would be that the hour and minute hands are applied via metallization to sapphire crystal discs (think something similar to Quinting – though I think Omega’s practice predates them). So the seconds via the tourbillon were at the center, and the minute and hour hands were applied on spinning sandwiched sapphire crystals.

With luxury, the presumption exists that someone "thought about all that for me." That you are buying a more expensive item because the people behind it know what they are doing, and that connoisseurs who can choose whatever they like, choose "this." Marketers at (supposed or real) luxury brands know this. So they try to artificially create the illusion that this exists. If this state does exist, they simply trying to enhance or amplify it. I am by no means saying that "true luxury" never exists. I wouldn't be into nice things if it didn't - but enough companies are able to take advantage of people's desire for luxury. There are those of you who will disagree with my definition of luxury, and point to purely economic definitions, but consider my explanation of the concept as applied in this context.

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The Timeattack is placed in a 43mm wide steel case. It looks like many of the Dievas Vortex watch cases and fits well within the brand. You might say that the case looks almost too much like the Vortex case actually. The rotating bezel is nice looking and has a bit of a vintage design to it. I've always liked the look of mostly black bezels on steel cases. Notice anything different about this bezel? Well it has hour markers on it, and not minute markers. Does that mean it is meant for counting up to 12 hours versus 60 minutes?

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Words from the winner on this Seiko:

  • "There is a lot to love in this watch, considering the retail price of 5: sapphire crystal, ratcheting clasp on the bracelet, a blackened-steel bezel, solid end-link bracelet, and a set it and forget it kinetic movement.
  • The fit and feel of the case, bezel and bracelet are what you would expect from Seiko - solid.
  • The design is a big plus - not a Submariner or Seamaster clone, but a unique design.
  • The watch is big - bigger than I usually wear on my 6.5" wrist (see the comparison shot with my Rolex GMTIIC); however, because of the downward angle of the lugs, I can still just barely pull it off without having the watch hang over the edges of my wrist.
  • I had been looking for a nice, rugged, quartz diver to wear on weekends - something I didn't have to set every Saturday morning, and I think this Seiko fits the bill - the sapphire crystal will make it impervious to scratches, the kinetic movement means I won't have to worry about changing the battery, and the 200m water resistance means I won't have to worry about taking it for a swim.
  • Overall, there is a lot to love with this watch, and really no real drawbacks (except the size, which is really only a drawback for the small-wristed) - I really like it!

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The cufflinks are going to be extremely limited in production. Only 20 pairs of this style will be produced. Using the same machines that produce Swiss watches, these cufflinks will be made from mostly 18k rose and white gold, as well as metal from an AK-47 assault rifle.

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Eva was soft spoken, but confident. Of German descent, she now lives in Sydney Australia. A job with Rolex Australia took her down under a few years ago it seems. Though she is a Swiss trained watch maker. It does seem to be the case that many such souls work for larger brands before spilling off on their own. One personality trait that seems to be common to all of them is the ability to be self-motivated, and be able to manage themselves. What many people don't know is just how much work it can take to release and industrialize just one watch - and that is before important aspects of a business such as marketing, sales, and customer service. Running and starting a small watch brand is not easy.

In addition, the use of screws allows for perfect adjustment as the bezel is not tensioned into position.

There is something comical about just how busy Fortis made this B-47 Calculator watch. Even the name is silly. When you hear the term "calculator watch" you immediately think of something digital quartz, and Japanese. I've had calculator watches when I was a kid. I loved those. I wouldn't wear them today as I am a grown up, and I don't know if I would wear this comically designed watch either. With enough stuff going on to make a weak-minded person tremble. "I just wanted to know what time it was.

Looking at the pushers, Helson used a classic design to manage the problem of waterproofing. Particularly for a 500m-rated watch, pushers leak, so the solution is to have threaded sleeves as shown here that screw down and lock the pushers in place into their gaskets. Simple, robust, proven. On the negative side, you can't use the stopwatch underwater, but the only exceptions I know to that are much more expensive watches like the IWC chronograph and such. For dive timing, the idea is that you use the bezel anyway.

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The Tread 2 will have a lot of material upgrades and a more sophisticated design. It will also be very accurate and come in a smaller package. I reviewed the very cool Tread 1 here, and you can see that it is a large timepiece. The Tread 2 will have a 38mm wide case that is 42mm tall and 14.5mm thick. That is a lot smaller than the Tread 1. The Tread 2 will initially be in steel, but DLC black versions could easily follow. It will again have a rubber strap.

These fun-looking Swiss Army Original Chronograph watches will be available in the Spring of 2012. Price will be 0 (up from 5 for the three-hand models).

Jean-Claude Biver Steps Down As CEO Of Hublot

Jean-Claude Biver Steps Down As CEO Of Hublot

One theme I noticed at SIHH 2012 was a bit of a return to more classy connoisseur-driven high end watches. Brands like A. Lange & Sohne and Greubel Forsey released tourbillon based watches with tourbillons not visible from the dials. For Lange it is this highly useful and complicated creation that pulls at the heart strings of seasoned watch lovers and novices alike.

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3. Wait until the giveaway is over on November 30th, 2011 for the winner to be chosen at random.