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Almost hidden on the dial are an on/off indicator for the alarm, as well as a power reserve indicator. There is no running seconds hand, but rather a centrally mounted alarm setting hand (that has the clef counterweight). Traditional pomme-style hands in blued steel are used for the hours and minutes. One of the most unique features that you'd never learn about unless you got to see the watch is that the entire middle of the platinum-plated engraved dial spins when the music is playing. It further plays for a full 20-25 seconds. The song is Bach's Badinerie which is part of his orchestral suite number 2.

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“When working on a new project from one or more innovative design ideas, we first try to consult both builders and those in charge of aesthetics to find the best way to achieve the desired look."

Material: Surgical grade German Stainless Steel "316L"
Diameter: 42mm, height 12mm.
Surface finish: Highly polished.
Curved Sapphire Crystal with multi anti reflective coating on the inside.
See-through Sapphire Crystal back.
Water-resistance 50 meters.

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From a dial standpoint, Lange uses a familiar layout with three subsidiary registers – a monthly calendar at 3, day at 9, and sub-second & moonphase display at 6.  Date readout sits directly below 12, with twin windows for the outsize date in traditional Lange fashion.  Each of these registers is adjustable from micropushers located at 4, 8, 9, and 10.  The dial plate itself is silver tone, which comes alive under the antireflective coating, bathing the dial with a slightly bluish hue in direct light.  The hands are polished steel except for the subsidiary seconds register, which is blued, complementing the dial palette brilliantly.

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Seiko's Prospex collection is a "professional use" range that includes this Marine Master Scuba Kinetic Direct Drive Ref. SBDD003 timepiece. 47mm wide, it comes in a black-coated titanium case that is water resistant to 200 meters. A great feature in the Direct Drive movement is that you can spin the crown manually to charge the battery - a benefit which is worth getting one over the standard Kinetic movements. This Prospex watch is durable, light, and very legible. With Seiko's rock-solid reputation for high-quality parts, this watch is bound to be  faithful wrist servant for years to come. We also think it is pretty bad-ass looking with the "saw style" rotating diver's bezel. Get one online as they are rare and only available in Japan. Budget seekers will find solace in other Seikos, but the approximate retail price of this black beauty about ,500.

Rolex Submariner

It was perhaps a few years ago that I noticed my fellow watch lovers speaking more and more about Tudor watches. It got me quite curious, because before that the brand had one main image - baby Rolex. My own experience with Tudor timepieces is limited, and for good reason - they aren't officially sold in the United States. I am not really sure why that is, but it is likely a strategic decision by Tudor's parent company Rolex.

The movement in the 5200 also contains the modern Silinvar, Pulsomax, and Spriomax technologies. We discussed these features at length when Patek Philippe released the limited edition 5550P Advanced Research watch in 2011. In short, they are silicon hairsprings, levers, and escapement wheels. The benefit here of course is oil-free (no lubrication necessary) parts of the movement as well as greater rate consistency which help the 4Hz rate of the watch. Each of these components work together in some of Patek's most modern movements, though some collectors are still not sure how they feel about non metallic parts for these traditional components.

Inside the Cinema watch is a totally in-house made Konstantin Chaykin caliber KCM 01-1 manually wound mechanical movement. The movement has a power reserve of 48 hours and offers just the time and the animation complication. The galloping horse animation lasts for 20 seconds and is comprised of a disc with 12 images on it. Both the time and the animation function have separate mainspring barrels. You wind each of them by turning the crown in a different direction.

Operating the movement is very pleasing. Breitling offers a top-notch experience that is sure to satisfy people interested in the watch as a high-performance machine versus status symbol. In fact, that is one of the main reasons Breitling does well in the United States. That being because people don't just see it as luxury item, but rather as a solid and good looking high-end tool watch. While the brand and watch construction is totally Swiss, there is a certain American feel to the design of the Breitling Chronomat. This particular dial is black with silvered subdials, but other color versions are available.

2013 sees three versions of the 1815 Up/Down. You can get the watch in 18k pink gold (ref. 234.032), 18k yellow gold (ref. 234.021), and 18k white gold (ref. 234.026). Each has blued-steel hands and solid silver dial. I really like how Lange tends to order their gold cases polished. There is a sort of antique quality to it. Rather than the perfect mirror polish of many gold watch surfaces, these have the finish of silver tabletop items that a maid has been hand polishing for years. The middle of the case is further brushed in order to prevent the case from looking too ordinary. Subtle styling on the lugs helps them flare with grace.

Both The Charming Bird and the Bird Repeater are highly limited edition watches, but their value to Jaquet Droz is more about proving that the modern brand can keep up with its history. One thing that Jaquet Droz has which most historically-based brands don't, is an incredibly rich set of intellectual assets to build off of today. The challenge of course is taking extremely complicated things such as The Writer automaton and somehow incorporate them into the brand's larger modern collection of products.

There is something that watch maker Tag Heuer has which trumps most of its competitors. That thing is the person Mr. Jack Heuer. I sat down with Jack Heuer back in March to discuss his legacy and the debut of the Carrera Jack Heuer 80 Limited Edition watch. The timepiece was released in honor of Jack's 80th birthday as well as his more or less retirement from actively consulting with the brand. Though I have a feeling watch and Tag lovers will spot him around. So what is so special about Jack?

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They start with a rough piece, cut with CNC machines. First, through a semi-automated process, they solder on the feet of the dial as those will to hold it in place, once installed on the movement. The rough pieces are then taken to three different departments to have the surface polished, sandblasted and given an opaline finish, in accordance with the particular design at hand. This is followed by a series of baths which the dials have to go through.


Tudor Heritage Chrono Blue Watch For 2013 Hands-On

Tudor Heritage Chrono Blue Watch For 2013 Hands-On

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While I am not fully sold on the hardness of the tegimented steel, it does appear to be harder to scratch than non-tegimented versions. The part of any dive watch that takes the most abuse is the clasp---mostly from putting on and removing the BCD. On my tegimented bracelet, I did scratch it a little after a second dive, that time, in Hawaii.  Nothing major but enough to make me a bit doubtful about the technology.

The phenomenon states that in the evolutionary world, a species must adapt to survive in the ever-changing environment surrounding them. They must adapt quickly to keep their position in nature. In the business world, the phenomenon states that in order for a business or product to survive in the market it must “run as fast as it can” to keep up with the competition and with the ever-changing marketplace.

You can't miss the Edmond "Lock-ED" crown protection system that is of course a nod to the famous crown lock on Panerai watches. While not a copy, this system works the same way. A small lever is used to pull the crown out for winding, date setting, and time setting. When locked, the crown will not turn. It is a neat alternative to screw-down crowns and adds a welcome layer of uniqueness to the Booster watch design.


Since their debut some years ago, we have always been fans of the work of Swedish watch company Gustafsson & Sjogren that combines the work of a master knife maker and Damascus steel maker (Gustafsson) and a watchmaker (Sjogren). From the start, the point of the brand was to feature the beautiful look of handmade Damascus steel and distinct Scandinavian aesthetic. No doubt these timepieces are an acquired taste, but as of this year they have reached a pinnacle of their design.

A newcomer on the scene, Weiss Watch Company is the brainchild of Cameron Weiss, a WOSTEP Certified Watchmaker who has worked for a number of Switzerland’s most prestigious manufactures. Assembled in Los Angeles, Weiss’ first timepieces are modeled after World War II field watches, and follow a less-is-more philosophy that is easy to appreciate. They utilize a modified ETA/Unitas Caliber 6497 manual winding movement, sapphire crystal, and a black dial with Super-Luminova numerals. The case is 316L steel, and the strap is olive drab canvas – both are manufactured here in the United States. 5

Azimuth Bombardier VI Watch Winner Announced

Azimuth Bombardier VI Watch Winner Announced

Apple knows that many people are working very hard on building a good smartwatch device. If they can succeed first then by default they will become the market leader just as they did with the iPhone and iPad. Anyone else pursuing a top market spot will require much more effort to not only build a better product, but to convince the public of that.

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