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Steel lovers can rejoice as 2014 is about high-complication steel models from Patek such as this new Nautilus ref. 5990/1A. When it comes to Patek Philippe, the Nautilus design is one that needs no introduction.  While I wouldn't consider myself an expert on the brand, I am fairly certain that their latest definitely has some new tricks up its sleeve.

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Richard Mille To Debut Incredibly Expensive Carbon NTPT-Cased Watch

Richard Mille To Debut Incredibly Expensive Carbon NTPT-Cased Watch

Cigars, watches, shaving cream? You will find them all at Arizona Fine Time in the Phoenix suburb of Scottsdale, Arizona. They do business globally and locally as "Cigar King," "Arizona Fine Time," and "Shaving Creams" online, via phone orders, and in their literally brick and mortar store. Mitchell Hirsh opened the store as Cigar King in 1994 and expanded into selling watches in 1996.

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Most watch lovers know that Cartier was an early pioneer of the wristwatch, especially for men. It was not until the 20th century that wristwatches enjoyed any real “mass production” and the transition from pocket to wristwatch did not occur overnight. When Cartier entered the wristwatch market it was still a product for the very wealthy. Small mechanical movements were still rather exotic, and a timepiece was still a serious (yet necessary) investment for most mainstream consumers. At a special Cartier exhibit located at the Grand Palais in Paris, we were able to view some of the earliest Cartier men’s watches ever made.

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Hi, I am looking into the world of watches and probably intend on buying one in the coming few years. I want to wear it every day without worrying too much. On various blogs, forums, websites I read that magnetic field are probably a watch's worst enemy, mainly due to them being invisible. Several watch companies (Omega, Rolex, IWC, Vacheron Constantin) offer models with some sort of protection against magnetic fields.

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One of the biggest characteristics of the ArtyA brand is the production of piece unique watches. That means that no two watches are like. An exception is being made for the Son of a Gun Russian Roulette watches in steel. These will be part of a limited edition of 99 pieces, and there will be a few dial versions. As you can see in the included images, one model in steel has a black spinning outer dial against steel, and another has the same dial against a gold middle plate.

For 2014 one of the major new watch releases from TAG Heuer was this new version of the Carrera they call the Carrera CH 80. The name perhaps does not allow most people to fully appreciate the nature of this rather fantastic model that celebrates both why people loved the original Carrera models as well as the technology TAG Heuer is known for today.

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If you haven’t noticed, Stockinger regularly works with some of the world’s most exclusive automobile makers. BRABUS is an aftermarket tuner of Mercedes Benz cars and is the subject of the latest Stockinger safe. The BRABUS SV12 is a unique, lifelong-lasting item designed to look beautiful and protect your valuables.

Victorinox has done an excellent job with this watch. But it didn’t hit me right away. The deployant clasp squeaks. The styling, while attractive, is very conservative. The blued steel seconds hand can be invisible against the dark dial. The rounded baton style hands are, well, kind of boring. But I loved the military-inspired cues. The fitted leather strap is fantastic. There is a full “3" at 3 o’clock–not chopped or removed by the date–and the AR coating on the sapphire is so good that the crystal disappears from many angles. The watch really grew on me, and fast. I had worn the watch for a week straight, in all the different lighting and weather conditions that April in San Francisco affords, and it was always comfortable, and always legible. And then it hit me: that’s the point!

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Rolex was a young brand when the original Rolex Oyster watch was released, but it was not until later in Rolex's history did the brand focus on the Rolex Oyster concept almost exclusively. Hans Wilsdorf, German born and living in London, entered the watch industry in 1905 doing timepiece distribution in Britain and the British Empire. He went on to produce his own watches a few years later, and the Rolex name came about in 1908. In about 1920 he moved to Bienne, Switzerland to open Montres Rolex S.A., which is when everything really begun. Just six years later the brand's hallmark product family would be released. The First Rolex Oyster Watch From 1926 Feature Articles The First Rolex Oyster Watch From 1926 Feature Articles One thing is notably absent from the 1926 Rolex Oyster watches. The trademark crown logo is missing. Rolex didn't come up with the crown logo until the early 1930s, but you can see that on one of the pieces the Rolex name was presented in the same font and style that it is in today. You'll also notice the fluted bezel, which is also a hallmark of Rolex design on today's Datejust and Day-Date models (among others) This was part of the patented water-resistance system employed in the Rolex Oyster. Hermetically sealed, the Rolex Oyster was innovative not just for being able to be taken into the water, but for resisting a range of liquids and particles such as dust from entering the case. The system was all about screwed-down elements. The original Rolex Oyster watch was innovative because the case back, bezel, and crown were all screwed-down. The fluted bezel was an important part of this because Rolex developed special tools which allowed them to tightly seal up the cases... more »

Omega Seamaster Bullhead Chronograph Watch Hands-On

Omega Seamaster Bullhead Chronograph Watch Hands-On

Watch Winner Announced: Traser Red Combat Giveaways

After releasing models for scientific exploration and deep diving, Rolex decided to expand its focus on timepieces for pilots as well as physicists. Aviation professionals have been lucky enough to enjoy the attention of watchmakers since almost the beginning of flight in the early 20th century. Rolex was comparatively late to the game with their first aviation-themed watches coming in 1955 with the original GMT-Master. Watch lovers know the story of the GMT-Master well as Rolex worked closely with the commercial airline Pan Am (Pan American World Airways) to create what their pilots needed. In many ways Rolex worked off of a successful formula. In fact, if you've ever wondered why so many Rolex Oyster Professional watches look similar, it is because Rolex did not try to reinvent the wheel with each new timepiece, but rather add additional or different features to their previous generation wheel.

It's a pretty nice size, 42mm wide by 13.5mm thick, 52.1mm lug to lug and 43mm across the bezel. Weight is a solid 130g on a strap; it feels chunky and you need a robust strap to keep it in place and comfortable. Dial is about 32mm across, and the steel screw-down crown is 7.9mm.

The relatively large minute/hour track around the outer edge certainly helps in this regard as well. What's more surprising (to the eye, at least) is when you notice that the track is actually off-center in the watch - which means the hands are off-center as well. Fortunately, these align to each other, so there's no weirdness there. It's just a crescent that's been added to the right side of the dial.

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Those not familiar with Urwerk's typical fare might benefit from some perspective. Martin and Felix are the guys who run the brand and they don't even look like normal watchmakers. They don't particularly like to speak to the press, and when faced with having to sell their watches to retailers they actually don costumes. Seriously, this year during our meeting with them they were wearing matching black with yellow trim outfits that made them look like watchmaker ushers. This is just an example of the oddity which you'll find when exploring the brand. All this weirdness is part of what makes them great however, and the best thing Urwerk has going for it is their product family.

Speaking of which, let's cut to the point that makes this year's V4 a true novelty, and also a more important advancement over any of its predecessors: it's single-axis, one minute tourbillon. I will admit that the trend of putting a tourbillon on just about anything that is considered capable of fetching six-figure prices is something I feel I need some strong medication for... and yet, I really enjoy the technological and temporal contrast this creates in the V4. On one hand there is the tourbillon, this two-centuries old–and by now bafflingly ubiquitous–invention, which Breguet designed to be so amazing and so arresting that it just fails to lose its power to impress no matter what. On the other hand, however, there is this very impressive sci-fi inspired movement (which Tag Heuer partially redesigned for the V4T) with its matte black belts stretching between comparably monumental gears and skeletonized bridges, all done in blacked-out metal...