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To be honest, when I first noticed the Patravi TravelTec GMT FourX I was not in love it with. I felt that the design was a bit all over the place and the dial was too difficult to read. That was at first glance and somehow after wearing the watch for a nice long time I've come to rather enjoy it. It is not a timepiece without its quirks, but it satisfies in a lot of departments, and I surprisingly didn't find it that difficult to read.

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In our conversation with the brand's founder, Adrian Pedrozo, his response to our concerns was that the GPS chip is designed to keep track of the time even if the automatic movement runs out of its 120 hours of power reserve. Therefore, once its owner breathes new life into the mechanical movement, upon pressing the "Magic Button" the time will be set to the exact time that is in accordance with the last known location's setting, even if there is no GPS-data received. He also told us that the motors setting the hands are powered by a battery which in turn is charged by one of the two barrels of the movement. How exactly that works is something the brand is not ready to share with the public before the actual launch of the watch.

With 15 Trigalight illumination tubes, all of the hour markers and hands can be easily seen in any lighting scenario. These types of systems offer a "permanent" glow for a minimum 10 years as the glowing radioactive material has a half life of 12.3 years, at which point the output will be half as bright as it was when it was new. The main advantage of the constant luminous display is that you don't have to charge the system on available light only to then watch the lume fade over the next few hours.

At 39mm wide the Perpetual Calendar is only about 10mm thick. That is pretty good given that the movement is a base with a module. Monblanc will offer the Perpetual Calendar both in steel and 18k rose gold. The real value of course is in the steel case with the rose gold hands and hour market appliques. It will be a Perpetual Calendar - a nice one at that - for a price that most people have never seen before.

IWC Aquatimer Automatic Watches For 2014 Hands-On

IWC Aquatimer Automatic Watches For 2014 Hands-On

Whatever the answer may be, I think that Maurice Lacroix has at least some of the formula in this new dive watch. There is little "new" in the watch, save for a compelling design that mixes a lot of things we like from the past with an optimistic vision of today. The Pontos S Diver is among the very few dive watches released today that isn't afraid of living in "the now." It has a design that speaks today's language, while recognizing the past, and looking a bit into the future. That may sound a bit pretentious and lofty, but I really believe it. No watch is perfect, but if I were to tell young watch designers which modern dive watches are doing it right, I would point them to this. On top of that, it isn't wildly priced which means a lot of people can actually fathom owning one.

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When you see the word "wind" do you think of moving air or what you do to your watches? Well, its both in the Windy City of Chicago which is home to Geneva Seal, a watch store which has served the mid-western metropolis since 2002. But the Geneva Seal story began over 35 years ago when this family business founded a diamond wholesale operation (they still have a diamond buying office in Chicago to this day).

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Alongside the announcement of their new three-hand Boeing Model 1, Bremont has announced a matching chronograph called the Model 247. Named after Boeing's first commercially available twin engine aircraft, the Model 247 offers a design that is immediately distinguishable from their ATL1 range of both classic and military-inspired sport chronographs.

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The H2 is also a large watch. HYT designed it with a 48.8mm wide case that here is constructed in both titanium and sections of 18k white gold of platinum. The original H2 was in black-coated titanium only. There is a third model not shown here, that is much like the original, but with a black and 18k red gold case (ref. 248-DG-00-GF-AB). With the lighter metal tones and accents of blue, the H2 White Gold & Titanium has a more sophisticated look compared to the "science boy" looks of the black and green model. The Platinum Red model is somewhere in-between. It is certainly a bit more understated but has a cool, evil look. In a sense, this blue-versus-red series of watches is a bit like the good-vs.-evil Rebellion-vs.-Empire forces in Star Wars.

Chopard has just announced that it will debut a new luxury watch brand under its corporate guidance and ownership in 2014 celebrating the work of historic Swiss watchmaker Ferdinand Berthoud. Technically a new and distinct company, the new brand will be located in Fleurier near Chopard in the Val-de-Travers canton of Switzerland. The new brand will officially be called La Chronométrie Ferdinand Berthoud, and is reportedly located just a few miles from where Berthoud himself was born in 1727.

It is true, Urwerk has some very cool watches and are among the few sci-fi watches that I would actually say look futuristic in a way that doesn't scream "science fiction nerd." There is a masculine darkness to their designs that feels more automotive and military-inspired than spaceship and lightsaber. A prime directive at the brand is that their watches must be different, and to that end they have dutifully succeeded. Another interesting goal of theirs over the last few years has been to make their timepieces more interactive.

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The Hour Glass: We have a loyal local customer base. Australia (the market in general) has been trading on a high dollar for many years and we are very fortunate to have regular customers that support us. Most customers come in with some sort of idea (if not the specific timepiece) of what they want to buy. Collectors tend to have knowledge based on their preferences/tastes. Some specifically buy from one particular brand, some a particular complication, so the knowledge is mostly skewed to what they are interested in.

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I don't know about you, but for me, that makes for a nice list in a watch not only worth taking a strong look at, but also for something you'll be wearing on a regular basis. Let's face it, when it comes to convenience you want a perpetual calendar with automatic winding and a long power reserve. If the watch accidentally winds down, resetting everything is a pain. That is when you need to open up one of those moon phase websites and start counting and seeing if the moon phase indicator window matches the graphic on your screen.

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In the afternoon, vintage sports model wristwatches will be the stars of the rostrum. A beautifully preserved Rolex Daytona reference 6263 in stainless steel, lot 289, will be one of the first key elements of the sale for Daytona Collectors.

Bremont is a British company that has been steadily making a name for itself specifically because of its unique limited edition watches, which became highly popular for featuring pieces of British history in their construction. For example, the recent Bremont Codebreaker watch used original punch cards that were used to decipher the German Enigma code. Their latest offering is a new limited edition watch called the Wright Flyer, which contains a piece of muslin from the original Wright Flyer of 1903 - the world's first plane. Unfortunately, the launch was overshadowed when readers noticed that Bremont's BWC/01 movement, which they claimed to be "in-house," bore a significant resemblance to a La Joux-Perret caliber. So what's the real story behind all of this? aBlogtoWatch was the first to reach out to the company's founder Nick English and get the full story behind this highly debated new movement. Hit the link below to find out more.

The radium would glow all night. This phenomenon would last for many years, sometimes up to 50 years, since the half life of radium is 1600 years. But eventually the base paint is broken down and destroyed by the effects of radiation from the radium, and had to be replaced by the watchmakers. This of course added another, later in history, health hazard within the repair industry. I remember, as a young boy (I’m a fourth generation watchmaker), that my dad had a tiny metal box in his watch bench that contained radium used to reapply radium to hands or dials. I now wonder what kind of health hazard my dad subjected himself to being exposed to this radium - was it an "illuminating" experience?

See the Everest Leather Straps for Rolex watches campaign on Kickstarter here.

However you wear it (or don't, I guess), the H-31 movement should remain accurate, providing you around a 60-hour power reserve.  Given the fact that it was designed in cooperation with aerobatic pilot Nicolas Ivanoff, one would hope it should stand up to whatever rigors we might put the watch through here on the ground.

Right now Girard-Perregaux seems to only offer its new steel bracelet on the Chrono Hawk models. It is possible (likely) that it will also be available on the Sea Hawk models but that does not appear to have been confirmed yet. As of today, the Chrono Hawek ref. GP3300-0074 with a blue metallic dial and the ref. GP3300-0075 with the silver dial will be available on the attractive steel bracelet. Price is ,100. girard-perregaux.com

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Weiss Standard Issue Field Watch Review

Weiss Standard Issue Field Watch Review

The method I am about to explain is one that I've used myself and recommend to friends. It does help when trying to make that final decision. It is intended to test your gut feelings as well as what watch designs your eyes can actually live with. You begin by taking your list of finalist watches and giving them a nice long, hard look. Really make sure you check out each detail and understand what the watch is all about. The image of the watch should be engrained in your brain. Then, force yourself not to look at the watches of pictures of them for one to two weeks.