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In terms of visual links to speed and daring, Zenith have decorated the right hand side of the silvered, open-heart dial, with a tricolor racing stripe in blue, white, and red. The stripe is continued onto the strap, where a ribbon of color takes over from the printed lines on the dial. I like racing stripes on cars. They are a simple way to decorate what would otherwise be a large, block-colored space. On a watch face, you don't have so much room to play with. These three stripes, although adding a splash of patriotic color to the display, really clutter what is an already busy dial.

The in-house flyback chronograph movement is visible on the sapphire case back showing the gold rotor that is tastefully decorated. As I mentioned before, the movement is reversed, with the chronograph pushers on the left, which facilitates usage at the track.

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The in-house made 341 caliber runs at a more traditional 18,000 beats per hour (or 2.5 Hertz) and provides 7 days of power reserve, which is about seven times as much as you can expect to have from most presently available smartwatches with LCD screens – although at the other end of the spectrum, when it comes to "connected" smart watches without energy consuming displays, like the MMT platform by Frédérique Constant (hands-on here) battery life can be extended to as far as 2.5 years. Nevertheless, seven days of power reserve, backed up by a useful power reserve indicator set in a prominent position on the face of the watch should make it easy and effortless to keep the watch, and its perpetual calendar mechanism running.

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Additionally, a low train count could have been selected to conserve power, as higher operating frequencies drain a watch's power reserve. The V-11 already features 2 barrels out of necessity - the alarm needs its own power source - and the movement designers might have dropped the vph in an attempt to reduce the strain on the mainsprings. That's a decision I can't really fault, given this watch's primary complication is the alarm.

The Swatch Touch Zero One will be battery-powered but, unlike most all other smartwatches on the market, it will not require charging every night after a day of extensive use: Swatch says that the battery will, in fact, last "for months and months." Although there is no confirmed information on this yet, the watch will likely use NFC, i.e. Near-Field Communication to send and receive data between the watch and the app running on the phone. This connection type generally uses even less energy than Bluetooth does, allowing for the extended battery life over other smartphones.

Now that the cylinders have received their inner coating, they are sent over to another room where the real magic happens, as they are filled with tritium. This process is done by three large machines with a batch of about 30 tubes at a time and it takes about 20 minutes complete. The tubes are hung up from their ends which had the acid coating burned away.

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Manfredi Jewels: We strongly support local charities and events, such as Greenwich Hospital, Kids in Crisis, etc. as well as the Wounded Warrior Project and other similar organizations.

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Zenith Elite 6150 Watch With New Zenith In-House Movement Inside

Zenith Elite 6150 Watch With New Zenith In-House Movement Inside

Where the bronze really comes into its own, though, is when it is set next to the black jade table. And this is change number three, and the biggest of the bunch. In the original model, the watch played on the recognisable image of "Arthur's" table from Winchester. With the Roger Dubuis Excalibur Knights of the Round Table II, Roger Dubuis has dispensed with sentiment, and instead, gone for a patterned table. Some may find this a bit risky – it is less immediately obvious what this watch is, because the table is just a table, rather than a globally recognised artifact.

Thankfully the hour indication system is far more straightforward. At the six o'clock position a gorgeously enamelled dial, featuring black Roman numerals on a white background, is traversed by a single hour hand of flame-blued steel. The deep hand-engraving that decorates the centre of the hour dial links this component with the case and the surrounding filigree that edges the other dial elements. It is here that Chaykin succeeds in creating a comfortable and consistent aesthetic.

Halda is a Swedish company that apparently has ties back to the 19th century - though, as far as I know, the company as a watch brand is relatively new. The Halda Space Discovery is their first watch, and it was originally released in about 2012 as a limited edition. In 2013, Halda released the Race Pilot as a follow-up to the Space Discovery, and I believe a new version of the Race Pilot might be coming soon. To best explain what I can surmise is the point of the brand, Halda promotes the concept of a watch case with an interchangeable module - one of which includes a traditional mechanical movement, and the other is a computerized digital movement.

Meet someone new that catches your eye? After just modest amounts of conversation, Urwerk HIS is able to start offering useful feedback about how much time it feels they will require in your week and whether or not they fit into your schedule. Urwerk HIS also eventually understands your ultimate goal with potential mating partners. If you want a serious relationship, Urwerk HIS will offer probabilities of you two being a good match as well as the likelihood that you'll be able to afford this relationship. More interested in immediate sexual satisfaction? Urwerk HIS might offer other types of advice. "Sir, there is a 67% chance that achieving coitus with this woman will require 26 hours or more of time and ,604 toward activities. I have located 13 available escorts who are currently available who can offer more immediate enjoyment within two hours for between 0 - 0."

To my knowledge, there are exactly four differences between the Tudor Pelagos 25500TN and the Tudor Pelagos 25600TN (which is just the black-dialed and bezel version, while the 25600TB is the new blue version). The first difference is the slightly revised text on the dial, now four-versus-two lines, adding that the movement inside the Tudor Pelagos is a COSC Certified Chronometer and the model name of the watch ("Pelagos"). The second difference, is, of course, the use of the in-house made Tudor caliber MT5612, versus an ETA 2824-2 automatic movement purchased from ETA. The third difference, is a slightly redesigned caseback, necessary because the MT5612 is not the exact same size at the 2824. The fourth new element is the addition of the blue version of the Pelagos that sits alongside the black-dial version.

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To that end, there is no exhibition case back, a feature I'm glad they skipped: I feel it would likely clash with the prevailing minimalist vibe of the rest of the watch. I actually kind of adore the screw-in case back on the Piaget Black Tie. If you flipped it around, it would make for a cool sportif variation - a Royal Oak given a disco remix, if you will...