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Oster Jewelers: Great question. Denver has so much to offer. We have all of the major sports franchises as well as great concert venues like the legendary Red Rocks which is very close. Recently, Union Station and the entire downtown area has been fully re-imagined with amazing impact. There are many new, fantastic and creative restaurants, incredible micro-breweries and, of course, pot tourism! The weather is actually quite a draw. Most of the winter is quite mild and the summers are gorgeous. Denver also offers world class museum exhibits and an impressive performing arts complex.

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Apple Watch Release: Final Details & Prices Watch Releases Apple Watch Release: Final Details & Prices Watch Releases

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Apple released a lot more necessary technical details about the Apple Watch today - as well as more information on what owning and wearing the Apple Watch will be like. Here is the thing people need to understand: while reading the tech specs on paper about the Apple Watch are useful, since most people don't have previous experience or expectations from a smartwatch such as this, a lot of the little nuances and meticulous attention to detail engineered not only into the hardware but also the software of the device will really only make sense once you wear it. For example, the Apple Watch is a notification device, but it doesn't want to annoy you with outdated or unimportant notifications. To appreciate this, you first need to have tested a smartwatch that did annoy you with notifications, and then appreciate what it means to curate notifications properly. This is just the type of thing that anyone can understand in theory, but truly making sense of how it will effect you only comes through personal experience.

Being both a full-on watch and car nut, you can imagine my surprise when in season 22 of British motoring show Top Gear I saw an entire "challenge" featuring a Breitling Emergency II watch. Sure, it is not unusual for watch enthusiasts to be car nuts as well – I have met countless watch nerds over the last few years who, after a bit of conversation, showed their car lover side as well. Top Gear is a motoring show that needs no introduction to any car fan in the world: viewed by around 350 million people every week in over 170 countries around the globe, it features "three middle-aged men mucking about," driving in the latest and greatest sport cars, SUVs, luxury sedans, and, sometimes, in the worst machines the car industry has ever produced throughout its history.

Ulysse Nardin Marine Diver Midnight Express Watch – And 43' Boat! Hands-On

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Linde Werdelin Spidolite Updated In Gold, Titanium, And A New Movement Watch Releases

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At Baselworld 2015, one of the most interesting announcements to come from TAG Heuer - apart from the fact that it will partner with Intel and Google to come up with a smartwatch - is that it will be reducing its prices in certain regions of the world. This is an intriguing move, as many brands did the exact opposite, taking the chance to use the increased value of the Swiss Franc as justification for raising their prices. Find out why TAG Heuer chose to do so and their plans going forward.

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ABTW: What is Budapest best known for? What do visitors have to do, see, or eat while there?

Buying Watches In Denver, Colorado: Oster Jewelers Watch Stores ABTW: What would you tell watch lovers in other cities that watch lovers in Denver like?

At 43mm wide, the Oris 110 Years Limited Edition watch wears substantially - which is something I prefer when it comes to more classic watches. I know we are all divided on watch size - but I just happen to like the bolder look of a larger dress watch. With its longer lugs, the Oris 110 Year Limited Edition does not wear shyly, but at the same time, it isn't a massive watch. Over the dial is a domed AR-coated sapphire crystal, and another sapphire crystal is used over the caseback with an expansive view of the movement. Oris kept the watch classy with a polished case, but it doesn't wear in a demure manner at all.

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ABTW: With the Royal Oak, has one ever slipped through your fingers?

The watch is to be premiered at Baselworld 2015, which commences next week. You'll be able to find the brand's stall in Hall 2.2, booth E39. The price will be CHF 33,000, or around US,700.

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Pebble 'Time' Smartwatch Puts Pebble Back In The Game: New User Interface, Notable Design Updates Watch Releases

In commemoration of Singapore’s 50th year of independence, Ball has released a special limited edition watch based on its very popular Fireman Night Train model called the Fireman Night Train SG50 Limited Edition. There are a few interesting thing about this watch for Ball fans. Firstly, this is the first time Ball has used micro gas tubes arranged to form letters of the alphabet; secondly, this watch also holds the record for most number of micro gas tubes used in a Ball Watch. If these details intrigue you, then hit the link below for an in-depth review of the watch.

The L’Epée manually-wound clock movement consists of 334 parts and operates at 2.5Hz (18,000). Even though it is a clock movement meant to be stationary, the balance wheel system has an Incabloc shock protection system, because MB&F assumes people will be moving around the clock a bit more than they might most other desk or table clocks. The long power reserve is stored in five mainspring barrels.

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Apple Watch Release: Final Details & Prices Watch Releases

Tokyo is also one of the 10 cities and the theme of the Tokyo exhibit is “Design through History." Here, the exhibition will pay tribute to the unique design of Heuer watches through the ages, from the Monza chronograph from the '30s to the more recent Kirium F1. The centerpiece of this exhibit is the super-rare Time of Trip dashboard chronograph from 1911.

TAG Heuer 'Heuer Globetrotter' Exhibition In 10 Global Cities Shows & Events
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Hamilton Powell: Like many pre-quartz brands, Heuer is pretty awesome. I love Heuer (pre-Tag) for many reasons – its ingenuity, creativity, and constant remaking of itself. Before Abercrombie & Fitch was a shirtless male model company – it was an outfitter that “outfitted presidents and pioneers, authors and actors, explorers and icons.”