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Joining the ranks of perennial favorites such as MkII, DOXA, Marathon, Ocean7, Kobold and the like is newcomer brand Anstead - designed in the USA by brand namesake and Veteran Naval Officer Tom Anstead. They recently sent along their first model, the Oceanis, for us to wear and review. The Oceanis is the first release in what they are promising will be a line of timepieces inspired by Naval Combat, and it shows promise.

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Propellers on each of the mainspring barrels serve as winding crowns for the music box, also powered by a spring, like a watch. Air regulators to each side spin as the box is activated. The movement's main focal point are the music rollers with pins sitting over the combs which produce the sound. Each MusicMachine will come with pins for six melodies specifically select by Busser himself and are less than ironically selected segments from notable scores in Star Wars and Star Trek, as well as classic rock from John Lennon and Pink Floyd. Just what I always wanted, a totally music box version of Dark Side of the Moon.

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