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To get an idea of what they are all, see the little diagram with arrows showing what areas on the watch are meant to indicate. I am sure that simply looking at the dial didn't have you thinking it did all that. At first I assumed that it had the time, which was atomic clock based, picking up the radio signals, that it had a chronograph, a 24 hour hand, the inner rotating slide rule bezel, date, and was a world timer. Then you begin to notice other features that are less obvious. Just as a battery charge indicator for the light powered Eco-Drive quartz movement, alarm, a system for telling you whether you are in day light savings time, an indicator telling you what atomic clock radio signal you are picking up, as well as more information about the radio signals, that the watch is a perpetual calendar, oh, and that the watch kick's ass.

I write this as I am here in Japan spending time with Seiko (though I will post it after my return to the States). So much to talk about, I don't even know where to begin. Well this article is about the Seiko Izul. A watch that I learned about today that I should have heard about a long time ago. This is a damn cool watch. So I was at Seiko's headquarters today and one of the people we met was the nice gentleman who designed the dial of the Seiko Spring Drive Spacewalk, a watch many of you are deeply desiring. The good news is that the Spacewalk will be released as a 100 piece limited edition set. The bad news is that it will be ,000. I digress. Everyone at Seiko was wearing an awesome Seiko watch that I'd not seen before, and he was wearing something that I'd never even seen images of. It had the style of the Spacewalk, but a totally different dial look and case. From a distance I could tell that it was derivative of the Spring Drive Spacewalk, but I thought maybe it was some special watch that the designer of the Spacewalk had. I was eager to check it out.

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Tag Heuer Heritage

Let me tell you about the newest and (coolest) new method that a luxury watch company is using technology to help prevent anyone making replica, counterfeit or fake watches from the brand. I don't always know why companies care so much about this, but it is true that as time goes on, fake watches are getting better. In an ideal world, there will be a simple and fool proof way to tell if a watch is authentic right away, from looking at the watch itself. We are not there yet. While this newest method (as applied to watches) is interesting, it still needs improvement as you need the paper work that comes with the watch to authenticate the timepiece. Doesn't that sort of defeat the purpose as someone who is cunning enough is just going to match a questionable watch with real paper work? Maybe Parmigiani will figure out how to incorporate the system into the watches themselves.

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I love that the Benthic is a large watch at 48mm wide. Even that big, it's titanium construction makes this grade 5 titanium case and bezel only 109 grams (with the rubber diver's strap). There will eventually be a metal bracelet  available for it. I just wrote about a Timex watch that is 35mm wide - and I think to myself, "what type of man today can get away with a 35mm watch and not look like  he is wearing a kid's watch?" When I hear 48mm wide (especially for a round watch), I get excited and want to try it on. This is me with small wrists, so no worries. If I get a chance to show you some personal pics of the watch on my wrist, I will do so.

"As soon as I found some free time I quickly opened the box to experience my first ever Swatch. The first thing that struck me was the packaging. Truly Swatch! In keeping with their famous Jelly watches it appears as though they have Jelly Boxes too. Upon seeing the new Chrono my first thought was "boy it's big" I have a small wrist and until now my largest watch was a 42mm Fossil. I was hesitant to put on the chrono but nothing ventured nothing gained. This watch is extremely light. Deceptively light for the size of it even keeping in mind that it's plastic. For the first few days I'd forget it was on my wrist. I could've been wearing my vintage La Salle for all I knew. It's actually a joy to wear this large watch without the weight and that may be why I find it so comfortable. The other plus is knowing I've got a Swiss chronograph on my wrist. I like the small splashes of blue on the inner bezel at the hour markers to match the second hand and I love that I now have a Swatch. I was surprised how firmly I need to press on the pushers. Moreso the Reset than the Start and Stop. I found the Lume is very bright but fades astonishingly quickly BUT retains a dull glow for a fair bit. I like the almost mirror like quality of the dial but I found that when the hands where around the 9 o'clock they got lost amongst the the subdials because they're skeletonized/ladder type. I was also surprised to see Swatch AG 2008 on the dial when the watch is the Winter/Fall 2009 collection. I'm curious what that 2008 refers too. Also I'd add an extra keeper for the strap, one that doesn't move. Overall I'm thrilled with the watch and will probably be wearing it for a while before another beckons to be worn. Thanks again to you and Swatch and I look forward to more of your blog."

There is discussion of maintaining and promoting a singular brand DNA. It is hard to believe that this is the sole motive behind the move. It is clear that Bulgari has been hurting lately from depressed sales. There is a further lack of impressive prestige for their timepieces as of late. Engulfing both Daniel Roth and Gerald Genta, who do have much more positive associations with consumers, can be seen as an effort to "borrow" from their status and implant it into face of Bulgari.

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Suunto Elementum Aqua Diver Watch Review

Suunto Elementum Aqua Diver Watch Review

It is the watch that almost was not. It is proof that a concept and a dream, as a well as a strict adherence to promise and detail are what reign supreme in the world of fine watches. The watch industry presents a special opportunity for enthusiasts of this horological creed - the ability for the small guy to take a stab at having his or her's own watch or watch brand. Unlike most other technical industries, the barrier for entrance here is simple determination, time, desire, and of course initial investment.  See how far that gets you if you want to start your own car company for example. Bottom line is that any of you have the option of making your own watch, but it ain't easy.

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The pursuit continued of life in the house of troubled luxury brand has a method. Bulgari has recently announced news that should be considered uncommon at the least. In a strange move that I would have never predicted, the Bulgari brand actually eats two other brands that it already owns. The result will be a unified brand in image and manufacture, such that each watch coming from the super brand will have the name "Bvlgari" (Bulgari" as I care to say it) on each watch that is released. A hint in the form of an image depicts a potential result of this "new way" where Bvlgari is seen as the originator, presenting a Gerald Genta timepiece.

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Suunto Elementum Aqua Diver Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

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I find it interesting that while Casio Shock watches are extremely popular with law enforcement, military personnel and anyone else who needs a reliable durable watch - such timepieces are also very popular for the urban elite (who'd have though). Pop culture goes wild for these designs, so Casio's designers in Japan have been giving Casio Baby-G watches (Baby-G is one of the dedicated women's lines of watches from the G-Shock collections) bold looks with bight colors and interesting materials. This specific watch is sized at about 40mm wide, but does not look that big because the actual screen for the dial is smaller. It might be a little larger that most women's watches, but looks right as a Casio Baby-G on even the most petite of women's wrists. Thickness is about 12mm.

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Snyper One Watch Hands-On

Snyper One Watch Hands-On

DWATCHes are big at about 46.5mm wide and taller still. Still, the case is curved a bit and fits nicely on your wrist. The case is heavy with a retro styled design that gives it broad, thick looking lugs. You see this in hardcore diving watches from the 1970's. Even the most recent Rolex Submariner watches have revitalized this style a bit. The chunky high grade steel case is given a soft brushed finish (black PVD, sandblasted and polished finishes are also available) and looks like it was given the same smoothing treatment as a pebble you'd pick up on the beach. Integrated into the case is an automatic helium escape valve (also known as a helium release valve, or "HRV") just like you'd find on a Rolex Sea-Dweller. So as not to jab your wrist, the crown is moved to the 4 o'clock position - a good idea. You can see that the screw-in crown is large and easy to use. It has a grated texture that means you can grip it with gloves or while your hands are wet (through you should never submerge a diving watch with the crown unscrewed). The end of the crown is engraved with the brand's signature "D." Together, the case elements give the watch 1000 meters of water resistance. More than you'll ever need.

Thanks to Swatch for the review item. All opinions are 100% independent.

Pita Barcelona Carousel Watch Available On James List

Pita Barcelona Carousel Watch Available On James List

Omega Speed master

With a bezel that looks like it moves (but it doesn't) and actually moving articulated lugs, the design of the Movado Master Collection's case is pretty intriguing. Overall I like the case, but an ugly face would kill the look. What holds it together is the attractive dial. You could remove the texturing on the face and the asymmetrical hour markers and you'd basically be left with the Museum Watch face. The quasi-sunburst pattern is part of what the original Museum Watch was all about - as the orb at 12 o'clock was meant to represent the sun. The message is pretty clear. Movado will always sell its bread and butter watches, but it realizes that in order to have a broader appeal, it needs to have timepieces available to watch lovers like me (and hopefully you) that need to have function first, then looks - but both are important.

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Vulcain Anniversary Heart Cricket Watch For President Barack Obama: Thoughts Watch Releases
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As to my suspicion of bad blood between the opponents, I can only speculate as to the reasons, but the situation seems likely given what is at risk weighed with the potential outcome of the case. Having had a difficult time dealing with FP Journe myself, I can easily see why they might get overly zealous in a situation like this. Plus, it is well known in the watch industry that the Swatch Group is very hard headed and won't stand down from a (real or potential) fight. Further still, I believe it is a matter of pride for the watch makers and executives involved. They hate having their ideas stripped as they feel a deep sense of ownership over those watches they release. All the watches involved here are high-end to very high-end. So the pool of people that would even be consumers or know what the watches here are is small. If this were an issue involving watches where millions of units are made, then it would have been a more practical legal battle.

The dial is "black opaline," and is slightly textured with a matte finish. The black against lime, or more interesting looking black and cream colored dial are attractive and feel unique in the saturated diving watch world (I made a pun!). A true diver's watch, the Diverscope JR1000 is water resistant to 300 meters and comes with either a vulcanized rubber strap (with PVD steel deployment) or a fabric strap with a fold over Velcro strap (luxurious I know, but it is actually meant for diving!). My overall impressions of the new Diverscope JR1000 watch line is nice. The real kicker will be the price, of which I am not exactly certain. I have a feeling it is going to be too high, say in the ,000 - ,000 range. This is just under the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms, and much more than a Rolex Submariner, and getting closer to Rolex Deep Sea, Sea Dweller range. Perhaps my estimate are wrong, and the watch is closer to ,000 which would make it pricey, but not priced out of the market. I'd be very happy with one of these.

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Maitres du Temps Watch Maker Family Together, Going Over Chapter Two Watch

Maitres du Temps Watch Maker Family Together, Going Over Chapter Two Watch

Longiness Dolce Vita

Like I said, my argument was constructed for all types of people to understand. If you read the comments after the articles, some people got irked that my articles didn't delve deep into some of the more technical or historical aspects of the argument. I appreciate their sentiments, but they need to realize that the article was intended to appeal to people who didn't know or care about what was inside of a watch movement. It was enough to say that it was a "good watch movement." So check  it out, along with the counter argument and see what you think.

Orbita Sparta 1 Mini Watch Winder Review Luxury Items

The military actually has specs for watches. These are official requirements that watches need to meet to be officially sold to soldiers via the government. One of those requirements is that a watch has a mineral, and not sapphire crystal. Why? Because while sapphire crystals are more scratch resistant than mineral crystals, sapphire crystals are more shatter prone. For this reason the Red Cell watch has a 4mm thick mineral crystal that has a fantastic level of anti-reflective (AR) coating on it. To further protect the crystal, the watch has two solid steel bars over the top and bottom of the case. The curious look ended up becoming quite endearing to me. First it was sort of silly, then it grew of me. I started to think of them as little handles that reminded me of large mechanized armor ladders, and then I realized that the grooved surface provided just enough friction to used it while on my wrist to itch a scratch where ever needed! The bars add a degree of protection to the crystal, and help enhance the tool like appearance of the watch. No, let me rephrase that. It does not help enhance the look, but rather helps remind you that the watch is a tool, rather that just look like one.