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Why would Graff make such a grand piece? Graff unveiled the Hallucination to showcase the company's authority, skill, innovation, and excellence in the diamond industry, from manufacturing to retail. After all, Laurence Graff is the controlling shareholder in the South African Diamond Corporation (SAFDICO). SAFDICO is one of the main diamond producers in South Africa, sporting the largest polishing and cutting factories based out of Johannesburg. Tens of thousands of Graff diamonds are cut and polished each year and the best of the best are used to create Graff jewelry. Among the thousands of diamonds, Mr. Graff is always looking for the rarest diamond, either in the raw or cut and polished. In his quest for the ultimate diamond, some of the most treasured gemstones have passed through his fingers. The latest of which is the famous 550 ct Letseng Star which was found, as with many other rare Graff diamonds, in the Letseng Mine in Lesotho.

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The new case is actually pretty nice. Even though it is a bit dressy being all polished, it still has sporty elements. Those include the integrated crown guards as well as the inset sections on the sides of the case. ArtyA had and will continue to have a lot of success with their larger 47mm wide case, but for those who simply couldn't pull it off or wanted something a bit more mainstream, this new 44mm wide case will certainly please.

My most recent new watch was an Oris Diver Titan "C" Small Second. Before discussing the watch itself I'd like to discuss how I came upon it. Watch enthusiasts really need a 12 step program. We are hardwired to always think about watches, our best bet is to channel our addiction to timepieces properly. Watches are where my brain wanders to during supposed "down time." I often think about it as the thrill of the hunt. How many times have the readers of aBlogtoWatch been obsessed about their next purchase, only to get it, and start the process all over again? The DSM should have an entry for this behavior (perhaps it already does)…

Hublot Classic Fusion Ultra-Thin 42mm "Shiny Dial" Watches Hands-On Hands-On

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Hublot Sponsors The Exosuit Diving Suit Wearable Submarine Watch Industry News

To Enter You Must:

From a technical standpoint, the major challenge of having a 50 day power reserve is the torque curve. Think of a single wound spring. When it is fully wound, the power it releases is more than than the power it releases as it winds down. So as a spring slowly releases power, the actual power it releases varies. This is an issue because differences in released power (measured in torque, more or less) effect how accurate the timing is. Watches are regulated to account for a specific amount of power to be released, and when that power shifts, so does the accuracy of the watch in regard to indicating the time. So Hublot's challenge was to design a system where not only do the mainsprings slowly release power over a 50 day period, but that power remain relatively constant, so that reading the time is at all reliable.

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We'll start with the Terrascope models, as these are likely the most familiar style from JR for many.  These share the same 44mm case and overall styling that we've come to know and love from the Terrascope line.  Where they branch off is with their finishing.

Montblanc Meisterstück Heritage Pulsograph Watch Hands-On Hands-On

Nixon Diplomat Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

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This really goes into the larger question of "what is the proper size watch for my wrist?" The simple answer is that while there is new perfect size for everyone, especially as taste is subjective, there are certain rules worth following. Let's discuss your question first. There is no specific hand-size-to-watch-case diameter ratio, but you should make sure of a few things. First, ensure that the lugs of a watch (those things that hold the strap) don't extend over your wrist when wearing the watch. This can vary a lot because the same watch case size can have a lot of different lug sizes. The opposite is also true. If the lugs are no where near the ends of your wrist then the watch will appear dainty and feminine or child-like, and you don't want that as well. Today's popular style has most men wearing watches that fill up as much of their wrist as possible without actually being larger than their wrist.

Ball includes more tech into the Engineer II Magneto S watch including SpringLOCK (covered more here), which protects against the accuracy destroying nature of vibrations. This is all part of the Ball caliber RR1103-CSL movement which is a base ETA that has been heavily modified and is COSC Chronometer certified. It is cool that if you anticipate being around magnetic fields you can use the bezel to "secure" the movement, but if you want to see the movement through the sapphire crystal caseback you can do that as well. Of course, you need to be aware of whether you are going to be exposed to a magnetic field, but if you are at least you don't need to remove the watch from your wrist to protect it.

Ultimately, the original JLC Geophysic firmly encapsulated the “geo-political” vibe of its era in regards to exploration and conflict, and provided perhaps the most straightforward and simply elegant tool for the job. Due to limited production and distribution, these originals are rarities on the collector market, and it is terrific to see a modern homage being brought to market that honors both the design and “emotion” of its ancestor.

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Rado Integral Jubile

The Glashütte Original Senator Chronometer entered the collection in 2009 and quickly became one of Glashütte Original‘s most recognizable timepieces. It is differentiated from the other watches in the collection as it adheres to the German Chronometer standard. While the accuracy standard of the German Calibrating Service, DKD, is similar to the more prevalent Swiss C.O.S.C. test, the German Chronometer standard requires the watch be tested after it’s fully assembled. Last year at Baselworld, Glashütte debuted a regulator version of the Senator Chronometer. This post compares the Glashutte Original Senator Regulator Chronometer to the original Glashütte Original Senator Chronometer.

Jaquet Droz The Bird Repeater 'Ultra Lux' Watch With Engraved Gold Dial And Diamonds Hands-On Hands-On

Tech Specs from Dodane

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Manchester United has an estimated 659 million global fans that will now become acquainted with Bulova timepieces. If you haven't been following the brand lately, allow us to remind you what Bulova has been up to. Several years ago, Bulova was purchased by Citizen watches in Japan. Though, Bulova does in fact remain an American-run company. In January of 2013, Bulova appointed Gregory Thumm as their newest President. Thumm will continue to focus on the brand's heritage and on technology and innovation.

Magrette Leoncino Watch Watch Releases

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We actually debuted the Seafender versions of the Admiral's Cup watches when the Seafender 47 Tourbillon GMT was released in 2011. At 47mm wide, Corum decided it was fitting in the yacht watch collection to produce an aluminum-cased tourbillon. There was also an 18k red gold version. While these Seafender Tourbillons are admittedly interesting, I just see no business putting them inside of Admiral's Cup-style cases. The above model with diamonds has one of the strangest personalities I've seen all year. It isn't a matter of good or bad even though it isn't for me, it is more a matter than it twists the DNA of the Admiral's Cup collection so much that it has all but lost any meaning.

5. Rolex Milgauss Z Blue Dial 116400GV Watch Hands-On

MB&F Brings Kinetic Art By Bob Potts To Its M.A.D. Gallery In Geneva Luxury Items

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Available in a more classically-inspired steel version or the more modern anthracite PVD, the Masterpiece Gravity is 43 mm wide and sports a domed sapphire crystal that acts like a magnifier for the edge of the dial. Visually, the combination of the animation provided by the active balance wheel and the static details of the skeletonized assortment, the colorful sub seconds display, and overall fine finishing makes for a very special piece from Maurice Lacroix.

Van Cleef & Arpels "Cerfs-Volants" Kites Watches Hands-On Hands-On

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